Conny Jager, Artist
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Urban Inspirations
I love to travel to large cities, with bustling streets and sidewalks, restaurants, coffee shops and architecture. Palm trees and beaches, although beautiful, simply don't inspire me to draw. Street scenes, and public interior spaces, with their layers of signs, cars, people, windows, doorways, always do.
This series is about the average street, the usual scene that people see day in and day out that they may not always notice. It's the mundane and the average that I choose to photograph and capture in a painting. A sense of space and a sense of perspective elements are evident in each watercolour I do, but there are usually pops of colour that unify my compositions. I always find inspiration in New York City, and every time I go there, I take endless pictures and roam the streets searching for my next painting. I've started to dive into paintings from other major centres as well, and I have lots of photographs from my travels that I need to tackle. I hope you return for more.